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Tips on how to make your wedding plan

Planning your wedding can be hard work.  But hopefully with some of my tips you can make your life a bit easier making your wedding plan.

  The 2 most common problems that arise are: 1. Stress - Stress levels go up massively as the wedding day gets closer. 2. Budget - The planned expenditure goes up and up, ending up well over budget. Unfortunately these two problems are often interlinked, as the spending goes up, so do the stress levels.   Time - Give yourself lots of time, if you have just got engaged plan your wedding for the following year instead of rushing it this year. This will mean you have lots of time to organise everything in the following steps.  The earlier you book things the longer it gives you to save money or make instalment payments.   Wedding Plan - Make your wedding plan.  Make a list of all the things you want and need to organise for your wedding day eg. Wedding Insurance, Venue, Dress, Suits, Colour scheme, Registrar, Reception, Rings, Cake, Flowers, Invitations, Food, Table Decorations, Table Plan, Chair Covers, DJ, Band, Wedding Car etc.   Research - Doing lots of research will help you choose items on your wedding plan. Have a good look around to get lots of ideas. Wedding Fairs - Wedding Fairs are a great place to start but you will get bombarded with information.  Collect Leaflets/Business Cards, you can go through the information/websites later. To find a wedding fair near you go to Hampshire Wedding Fairs. Wedding Magazines - There are many on the market, maybe buy just one or two to get started. Internet - Todays biggest collection of wedding information, wedding blogs and wedding photography.   DIY - Do it yourself, this is one of the best and easiest ways to save you loads of money on your budget.  You can make and decorate invites yourself.  Get friends and family round for an evening and make a little production line of cutting and sticking etc.  These things do take lots of hours so make sure you start early. Shop Around - Don't take the first price you get, shop around, compare quotes for everything. Many suppliers will price match or do a deal, remember they would rather knock off a little bit than not get the job at all.  Even if its only saving you a few pounds here and there it can add up. Online Shopping - You can find great bargains online for many items such as chair covers, sweets, glassware, beads, sparkles, mirrors, table centre pieces etc. Much of the time its is cheaper to buy them instead of hiring them, after the wedding all they need is a good clean and you can resell them to get about half your money back second hand. Wedding Insurance - Very Important, get wedding insurance as one of your first things.  That way if something goes wrong or cancelled you are covered and don't lose £1,000's of savings. Use well known suppliers and get references. Compromise - Marriage is a compromise and you will sometimes have to sacrifice something to get something else instead.  Not everything on your list maybe possible so choose only what you really need.   Important - It is your wedding day so don't get yourself so stressed out or broke that you don't enjoy it.  Good planning can mean that your wedding day is fun relaxed and full of great memories.